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Rastercode develops highly entertaining,
action-packed mobile games for all audiences

About Rastercode

Our journey with games started in the 80s

Being kids of the 80s, we grew up in the age of home computers. We got fascinated by the magical combination of colors and sound, which effectively turned out to be our life-long passion for games.

1990s and 2000s

We started with creating games on Commodore 64, and gradually moved to mobile platforms as they emerged in 2000s. We developed games of varying sizes, and game frameworks for various platforms.


With the introduction of iPhone and Android, we started developing for these platforms, and transitioned our development into Unreal Engine and Unity.


We established Rastercode to start fresh with hyper-casual games, employing our vision of "games for all audiences".


We are a core team of two siblings!

Evrim is an internationally renowned sculptor, she works on game ideation and artistic direction for our games.

Huseyin has three decades of programming experience, he does all things game design and development.

Evrim Kilic


Sculptor & Game Artist
Huseyin Kilic

Huseyin KILIC

Game Developer